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Making Beef Jerky - a step by step pictorial

In the US, and also in other areas of the world, dried meat products like Beef Jerky or Biltong (from Africa) are very common and can be bought in every supermarket. You may be surprised to hear that Jerky is almost completely unknown here in Germany. So, you might wonder why on earth you’re finding a jerky marking guide on a German-based webpage. Well, the truth is that I really love Beef Jerky, and since it’s so expensive, I decided to make my own one day. Now, I’m on a mission to show my fellow countrymen how to make good Beef Jerky.

You don´t know what Beef Jerky of Biltong is? Well, you missed something special untill now. To find out some basic information about Jerky and Biltong, please visit the according Wikipedia pages. Even if you’re familiar with Beef Jerky, and like it, you may be sick of all the commercially-made jerky that is full of preservatives.  In the past, if you’ve been too lazy to make your own (or need a good recipe to impress your friends) - well, then, you’ve come to the right place ;)

This is how my home made Beef Jerky looks when it´s ready:
Looks yummy, don´t you think?! (picture taken by me, all other jerky pics on these pages are not made by me and for "illustration" purposes only)

There are a lot of different Beef Jerky recipes around on the net, and i´d like to add another. After tree years of experimenting with different marinades for my Jerky, I think I found a "magic mixture" that everybody will love - at least everybody who’s tried my Jerky has been very pleased.

What others say about my recipe ...

On the next few pages, I’d like to show you step-by-step, how I make my Beef Jerky.  Also, because I’ve found that there are some pitfalls making jerky that can make the process a bit frustrating, I want to give beginners a few tips so they can start making their own jerky. I really hope you will enjoy my guide.  If you decide to try my recipe, I’d be glad to get a little feedback on how my recipe worked for you and how you liked the finished jerky. Here are some testimonials i received via email from people you tried my recipe:

".... Great Recipe, Thanks for posting it!! ....."

"My husband wanted me to email you and tell you how much we enjoyed your
recipe.  It was also one of the best we have tried.  It will definately be added to our recipe book!!"

"Just wanted to tell you that I have made your jerky recipe three times now and I LOVE it!!!!!!! Thanks! "

"I am a first time maker of Jerky but I got many compliments on the Jerky that I made with your recipe. Thanks!"

Would you like to send me your feedback, too? Then just klick this button: mailme!


The basic sequence to make Beef Jerky is as follows:

  • Buy the meat and all the necessary ingredients for the marinade
  • Prepare the seasoning marinade and let it set overnight so the flavor can develop
  • Cut the meat in thin strips and marinade them in ziplock bags (min. 4 hourse, 8-10 hours recommended) in the fridge.
  • Dry the meat with a dehydrator or other suitable drying method

In addition to the basic ingredients, you will need a few additional items for my recipe:

  • One package (10 bags) of of large Ziploc bags
  • 1 or 2 rolls of kitchen paper towels
  • a large cutting board
  • 1 or 2 preferably sharp knifes


Before I start lets head on to some important Disclaimers:

  • Please keep in mind that working with raw meat requires the highest attention to sanitary conditions! Please read the FSIS Food Safety of Jerky guidelines and make sure you’re keeping the meat as cold as possible. Reproduction of this recipe is at your own risk, I am not responsible for any health damages as a result of unsanitary conditions or incorrect preparation of Beef Jerky!
  • Before you ask, no, I’m not selling my Jerky.  I’m not a professional and this is a hobby and private project!
  • No, I´m not sending you any samples of my Jerky, either ;)

And now let´s get it on! Please navigate though this pages using the navigation at the top or use the links at the bottom of each section

Let´s start with "Making the Marinade"!